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Do you want to rent a villa in Seminyak? We can certainly help you with that! Seminyak is a busy town in the south of Bali. It is a really nice place where you have a lot of shopping areas and lovely restaurants. If you want to visit Seminyak it is also important that the place where you stay is comfortable and the accommodation is located central. We rent villas in Seminyak with all kind of luxury. A wonderful villa to fully de-stress from the busy life. Seminyak is a place in South Bali were you can shop, relax and eat healthy (or something less healthy if you prefer). The town is located near the airport. Approximately 30 to 45 minutes by taxi or driver. This depends on the traffic. The villas in Seminyak have beautiful swimming pools with lounge terraces and sun loungers. Here you can enjoy the peace in your own environment, no horn of a scooter. Rent your house in Seminyak at Bali Bungalow Rent. Became curious? View all villas in Seminyak here!

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Rent a villa in the south of Bali? Bali Bungalow Rent would like to help you find your perfect stay. There are various towns in the south of Bali. Seminyak is one of them. The south of Bali is a lot busier and with a lot more tourists compared to the quiet north of Bali. In the south you can enjoy the food, both western and truly indonesian food. In addition to delicious restaurants, you can also shop at various boutiques in the center of Seminyak. Our guests also like to occasionally visit a nice beach club. The sea is quite rough in the south with big waves. This ensures that surfing is also a great activity. The south is a base for relaxing, shopping, sightseeing and various activities.

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Do you like to have a place for yourself, no other hotel guests who might want to keep you awake? Then a private villa may be a good option! We have several private villas in Seminyak, the south of Bali. Take a look at our villas and check the availability before you reserve your dream villa. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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