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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy and Cookie policy

BALI BUNGALOW RENT attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this privacy policy we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data.
We do everything we can to guarantee your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. BALI BUNGALOW RENT complies in all cases with the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that we will in any case:
– process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided, these purposes and type of personal data are described in this privacy policy.
– processing of your personal data is limited to only those data that are minimally necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.
– ask for your explicit consent if we need it for the processing of your personal data.
– have taken appropriate technical and/or organizational measures so that the security of your personal data is guaranteed.
– do not pass on personal data to other parties, unless this is necessary for the execution of the purposes for which they were provided.
– be aware of your rights regarding your personal data, want to point this out to you and respect them.

As BALI BUNGALOW RENT we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If, after reading our privacy policy, or in a more general sense, you have questions about this or wish to contact us, you can do so via the contact details below:

Schout Backstraat 2
NL-5037MK Tilburg
Chamber of Commerce: 67127363

What kind of personal data does BALI BUNGALOW RENT process?
BALI BUNGALOW RENT processes personal data that you have provided to BALI BUNGALOW RENT yourself, personal data generated during your visit to the website and / or reading newsletters and / or personal data that BALI BUNGALOW RENT has been allowed to derive from other sources, such as business Social Media platforms. This concerns the following types of personal data:

– Personal data provided by you
– Personal data obtained through or generated by our website, electronic newsletters, commercial e-mails or related technologies
– Personal data obtained from other public sources such as social media platforms and public registers
– Personal data that BALI BUNGALOW RENT has received in the context of membership and related services

What do we process personal data for
Your personal data will be processed by BALI BUNGALOW RENT for the following purposes:
– Making a reservation
– Sending newsletters
– Compliance with legal obligations
– Maintaining contact with you
– Improving our product and service information and carrying out targeted marketing actions
– Conducting and analyzing customer satisfaction surveys
– Creating user statistics of the website of BALI BUNGALOW RENT

For the above purposes, we may request the following personal data from you:
– First name, last name
– Address
– Business (personal) work email address
– Phone number / mobile number
– Flight details

Grounds for the processing of personal data
BALI BUNGALOW RENT processes the personal data on the basis of one of the legal grounds mentioned in Article 6 paragraph 1 GDPR. The following grounds apply specifically:
If we have asked your permission to process your personal data and you have given this permission, you always have the right to withdraw this permission.
– Execution of the agreement:
We process personal data if and insofar as this is necessary for the execution of the (member) agreement or other type.
– Legal obligation
– Legitimate interest
For example, BALI BUNGALOW RENT uses your contact details to keep you informed via newsletters and commercial e-mails.

Provision to third parties
We can provide the data you give us to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the purposes described above.
– We never pass on personal data to other parties with whom we have not concluded a processing agreement. With these parties (processors) we of course make the necessary agreements to guarantee the security of your personal data.
– Furthermore, we will not provide the data provided by you to other parties, unless this is legally required and permitted. An example of this is that the police request (personal) data from us in the context of an investigation. In such a case, we must cooperate and are therefore obliged to provide this information. We may also share personal data with third parties if you give us written permission to do so.

We only process personal data of minors (persons under the age of 16) if written permission has been given by the parent, guardian or legal representative.

Retention period
BALI BUNGALOW RENT does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was provided or is required by law.

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unlawful processing, for example, we have taken the following measures;
– virus scanner and software against malware attacks;
– making backups periodically
– drawing up a processing agreement with third parties about the processing of files;
– adequately monitoring compliance with protocols and laws and regulations.

Rights regarding your data
You have the right to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data that we have about you.
You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or part of it) by us or by one of our processors. You also have the right to have the data provided by you transferred by us to yourself or directly to another party if desired. We may logically ask you to identify yourself before we can respond to the aforementioned requests.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us about this. If you do not come out of this with us, we find this of course very annoying.
You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which is the supervisory authority in the field of privacy.
If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact us!


BALI BUNGALOW RENT uses cookies to collect click behaviour. This is a small text file that can be stored on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie does not contain any personal data. Our cookies contain information about click behaviour and serve as recognition to make the use of websites and information provision easier. Similar techniques, such as pixels, web beacons, etc. are also referred to below by the term ‘cookies’.

Functional cookies placed
We may place cookies from ourselves or from third parties on websites whose content is provided by us. These are cookies that, for example, remember your personal settings, or remember that you are logged in to a private part of the website.

Google Analytics cookies

  • We use Google Analytics
  • We have a processor agreement with Google

Placing non-functional cookies
We do not use non-functional cookies.

Blocking cookies
If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you can adjust the settings of your internet browser to completely block the placing of cookies. If you block cookies, you can still visit our website(s). However, you may not be able to use all parts or functionalities of the website.

Deleting cookies placed
You can delete placed cookies yourself. To do this, consult the manual of your browser, delete the cookies via Your Online Choices http://www.youronlinechoices.com/be-nl/ or with the help of any security software installed on your computer.

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